Multicouplers with world beating performance.

Stancom has a range of multicouplers from simple modules to ultra high isolation world beating performance. Using innovative solutions to create the smallest and lowest power in the market without sacrificing performance. Operating over 10kHz to 3000MHz with up to 32 outputs they are best in class.

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Low Noise Masthead and Phase Matched Amplifiers

Stancom draws on its extensive knowledge of device materials and application circuits to provide optimal solutions for customers needs. Stancom has developed a range of wide band low noise masthead amplifiers with integrated interference mitigation filters. Operation is over the frequency range 20MHz - 3GHz with NF Typically 1dB. NEW!....Phase Matched amplifiers are now available. These amplifiers allow for lowering the noise floor of CDAA type antenna arrays whilst maintaining good phase coherency.

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Filters for broadcast rejection with Low loss and High Rejection

Filters, which complement Stancoms range of multicouplers or amplifiers are built to world class standards using highest grade components. These filters reject High Power Broadcast signals and prevent overloading and Inter-modulation in the following receivers. Excellent rejection figures whilst maintaining low in-band loss.

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Contact us to discuss your requirement....we are here to help!

Stancom provides design and manufacture of RF distribution products. Specialising in custom development of wideband modules for HF, VHF and UHF system operators. The company is a leader in the design of precision communication related products for the high end user. With over 30 years of experience in RF engineering, Stancom can provide tailored solutions to your needs.

Located in Brisbane Australia, Stancom is conversant with latest CAD technology and has a well equipped laboratory. Using latest development techniques guarantees short order to delivery time. Over the last 15 years Stancom has designed and produced a wide range of products for Military, Broadcast and Telecom customers. We excel at technical challenge's, have a difficult RF specification? Send your requirement in now for our consideration..