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HPMC-LF132A-HI Multicoupler Rear

HPMC-LF132A-HI Multicoupler Rear

Stancom draws on many years of experience in designing product for commercial, broadcast and military customers. Using modern design techniques customers requirements are quickly analysed with the latest CAD software. Subsequent manufacture uses CAM software for all electrical and mechanical layout.

Designs are qualified in house (as far as possible) for their ability to meet the requirement for use.

Tough environmental operational conditions can be designed for. Products developed for high vibration, IP rating or high temperature.

With new environmental rules (ROHS, WEE etc) Stancom can design and work within the requirements and produce documentation ensuring the product supplied is manufactured in accordance with such rulings.

If needed MTBFs can be calculated using the customers preferred specification. Mil-217, Bellcore etc.

Telephone Number: (+61) 7 33934163

Telephone Number sales: (+61) 0488188701


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