Stancoms Multicouplers.

Stancom has provided the professional users, high performance multicouplers for many years. Whether it is high isolation , low noise or high intercept Stancom can deliver.  Using  innovative design techniques and with over 35 years in design, Multicouplers can be engineered for all uses. From VLF monitoring down to 10kHz or as high as 3GHz Stancom has a solution. Designed to operate in tough environmental conditions, both electrically and physically our products give a level of reliability that other manufactures do not provide.


HPMC008A – 16 Way HF Multicoupler

Just Released, Stancom has added a 16 way HF multicoupler to its range of mid price, high performance multicouplers, giving users the same low noise and high intercept performance of previous models and with options which include, input protection to 30V of RF, LF switchable HPF to remove any possibility of spurious form the LF broadcast band.




HPMC010A – 20MHz to 3GHz Multicoupler





NEW! Stancom has released its latest ultra wideband multicoupler the HPMC-010A 20-3000MHz 8 way multicoupler. The multicoupler can be configured with Dual band inputs or single inputs and offers exceptional performance across the full band.


Multicoupler Types

DescriptionCommentsTypical Model
Basic ModuleResponding to requests for a low cost high performance Multicoupler. Stancom has developed the HPMC001 for use with high performance receivers. Whilst keeping an eye on costs, 3 high dynamic range units have been developed.

The HPMC001 is developed for those serious users who monitor the HF 1.8MHz-30MHz bands with up to 8 receivers.

The HPMC002 is developed for those serious users who monitor the V/UHF 30-500MHz bands with up to 8 receivers.

The HPMC003 is developed for those serious users who monitor the V/UHF 20-1000MHz bands with up to 8 receivers.
Small 8 Way Multicoupler Module

Small 8 Way Multicoupler Module

Packaged UnitThis series of units takes the standard modules and assembles them into a more turnkey product. The addition of a 1U chassis and internal AC PSU with ON/OFF switch.

Optional 24 V DC input can be requested, this is a DC slave supply in case of mains failure. Auto detection and change over ensure continued operation. Once mains is restored the unit automatically switches back to mains operation.

Optional filters can be fitted to ensure that transmitters situated close to the receiver are rejected to prevent overload. One such filter would be the FL-008, which is a 2MHz HPF offering very low loss and excellent rejection. 30MHz LPF are the other filters often requested to reject VHF Broadcast stations.

***NEWS*** The latest unit is the HPMC-004A, which brings higher performance and more features and options to the customer. (See Datasheet in table below)
HPMC-004A Fully Featured 8 Way Multicoupler

HPMC-004A Fully Featured 8 Way Multicoupler

HPMC-004A Rear View

HPMC-004A Rear View

High Performance MulticouplerThe high performance multicoupler range have been developed for the high end 'superuser'. These units have been developed to offer improved parameters such as very high reverse isolation and output to output isolation whilst maintaining exceptional intercept performance and low noise. All housed in a highly integrated self contained units, well ventilated and built for extreme reliability. Three units make up the range:

HPMC-LF132A-HI. This is a 32 way VLF/LF, 14kHz to 1.5MHz unit offering latest design techniques to ensure low noise capability even at the lowest frequencies.

HPMC-HF116A-HI. This is a 16 way HF, 1.8MHz to 30MHz unit which maintains low noise and high intercept right across the full HF band. Unique circuit design assures excellent performance once only provided by units taking 10x the power in multiple rack units.

HPMC-UHF116A-HI. This is a 16 Way V/UHF, 20-1000MHz unit which maintains extraordinary isolation and gain flatness across the band whilst providing the lowest noise and best intercept possible.
HPMC-HF116A-HI High Performance HF Multicoupler

HPMC-HF116A-HI High Performance HF Multicoupler

HPMC-HF116A-HI Rear View

HPMC-HF116A-HI Rear View

Multicoupler Products Matrix Table

Model DatasheetWaysFreq. RangeGain(ave)Gain RippleOutput/Input Iso.Output/Output Iso.Third Order InterceptPower Consumption
HPMC-001A ModuleHPMC001 Datasheet Rev C1x81.5MHz - 30MHz1.5dB nom.+/-0.5dB>22dB>30dB>+35dBm< 3W
HPMC-001A /1UHPMC001A in 1U RevC1x81.5MHz - 30MHz1.5dB nom.+/-0.5dB>22dB>30dB>+35dBm< 3W
HPMC-002A ModuleHPMC002A Datasheet RevA1x830MHz - 500MHz1.0dB nom.+/-1.0dB>25dB>20dB (Typ. 23dB)>+22dBm< 3W
HPMC-002A /1UHPMC002A_1U RevC1x830MHz - 500MHz1.0dB nom.+/-1.0dB>25dB>20dB (Typ. 23dB)>+22dBm< 3W
HPMC-003A ModuleHPMC003A Datasheet RevA1x820MHz - 1000MHz1 +/- 1dB+/-2dB>20dB>18dB.>+18dBm< 3W
HPMC-003A /1UHPMC002A_1U RevC1x820MHz - 1000MHz1 +/- 1dB+/-2dB>20dB>18dB.>+18dBm< 3W
HPMC-004AHPMC004A Rev 81x81.5 - 30MHz
Opt Filter
1+/-0.5dB+/-0.5dB>35dB>30dB>+35dBm< 10W
HPMC-005A /1UHPMC005A in 1U RevC1x8500MHz - 860MHz1.5dB Nom.+/-1.0dB>25dB>20dB>+23dBm< 10W
HPMC-006A /1UHPMC006A in 1U Rev31x820MHz - 3000MHz1dB Nom.+/-2dB>28dB>15dB>+15dBm< 10W
HPMC-007A /1UHPMC007A in 1U RevB2x8
20MHz - 1000MHz1dB Nom.+/-1dB>20dB>18dB>+18dBm< 10W
HPMC-008A /1UHPMC008A Rev D1x161.5MHz - 30MHz1.5dB Nom.+/- 0.5dB>35dB>30dB>+35dBm< 10W
HPMC-009A /1UHPMC009A Rev D2x16
1.5MHz - 30MHz1.5dB Nom.+/-0.5dB>35dB>30dB>+35dBm< 10W
HPMC-010 /1UHPMC-010 REV D2 x 820MHz - 3000MHzTyp 3dB Max 7dB+/-2dB>15dB>-13dB (Typ. 20dB)+15dBm< 10W
HPMC-LF132A-HI**HPMCLF132A_HI_REVI Datasheet3214kHz - 1.5MHz0 - 2dB+/-1dB>45dB>40dB> +30dBm<45W
HPMC-HF116A-HI**HPMCHF116A_HI Datasheet revl161.5MHz - 30MHz0 - 2dB+/-1dB>60dB>50dB>+30dBm (typ +35dBm)<35W
HPMC-UHF116A-HI**HPMC-UHF116A_HIRevM1620MHz - 1000MHz0 - 2dB+/-1dB>50dB ( typ >60dB)>36dB>+18dBm<30W


* – Same RF performance can be expected as a Module or a Module fitted to a Chassis.

** – These are HI Isolation type Multicouplers.

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