Amplifiers – Low Noise Masthead Amplifiers and Phase Matched Amplifiers

Stancoms Amplifiers

Stancom has developed many different amplifiers for different applications. Low, medium and high power as well as low noise and high intercept. As the applications are quite diverse please supply us with your requirement and specification, Stancom would be happy to quote.


Low Noise Mast Head Amplifiers


MHA003A Low noise Masthead + SBT003A Smart Bias T

Improve your system performance and overcome the loss in feeder cable which translates directly in to added system noise. Many receivers have poor Noise Figures 0f 3-6dB add cable loss of another 3-6dB and you system could have as much as a 12dB Noise Floor. Improve this by adding a Stancom Masthead LNA. Fitted adjacent to the Antenna with only 2dB noise systems can be improved from 12dB to 3dB. Noise.

Stancom has now released its range of mast head amplifiers, used either stand alone or to complement the range of Multicouplers. These units are designed to be robust and manufactured to high standard. The use of the latest cutting edge low noise semiconductors offer unprecedented performance.



PSU004A - Low Noise Power supply

PSU004A – Low Noise Power supply

 Low Noise Power Supply For DC Feed

Stancom produces a low noise DC PSU, the PSU004A.

This power supply can be set to a number of preset output voltages.

It can provide up to 500mA of low noise DC.





Ultra Linear Wideband Medium Power Amplifiers 5 – 800MHz.

Stancom uses many techniques to measure high level TOI of its product. Filters are possible but limit test frequencies. Another method is to use high linearity medium power amplifiers to increase isolation between Signal generators and increase linearity point.

Stancom has made available the LIA004 wide band amplifier. Using these amplifiers in a wide band combining format allows a source intercept of +55dBm TOI to be made available at drive levels up to +20dBm.


A Pair of LA004A Ultra Linear Amplifiers

A Pair of LA004A Ultra Linear Amplifiers

2 x LA004A Amplifiers Used to improve combining Isolation and increase output levels

2 x LA004A Amplifiers Used to improve combining Isolation and increase output levels











 HF Low Noise Phase Matched Amplifier Array 2-30MHz

A common problem with CDAA type HF antenna arrays is that the system noise performance can be poor at higher frequencies in the HF band. By installing Stancom LIA001 with a gain of 10dB and NF typically 2.5dB, system performance can be greatly improved. Signals previously ‘lost in noise’ can now be recovered.

The LIA001 is a high dynamic range ‘Line’ or ‘Cable’ amplifier. The amplifier is designed to have a repeatable phase characteristic so that when used together, good phase match between multiple LIA001’s is maintained. This is critical when multi element phased array antennas use Amplifiers for reducing loss over a long coaxial cable run. Before the antenna ‘beam former’.

Arrays of 8, 12, 24, 32 and 48 are available.

New 12 Channel HF Low Noise Phase Matched Amplifier Array 2-30MHz – LIA001AX12-10.


Phase Matched Amplifier Array



Modules have Independent BITE









Wideband Power Amplifiers

Stancom has designed and manufactured a number of Wideband RF amplifiers from 1.5MHz to 500MHz, powers > 100W and beyond.

Most of our wide band amplifiers are developed based on customers specification needs.

They can be as module format or packaged rack mounted.


LPA001A – 100W, 20-500MHz Amplifier

P1020964 (Copy)

LPA001A/2U – Packaged 100W 20-500MHz Amplifier









Model NumberDescriptionDatasheetFreq RangeGainNoise Figure Comments
LIA001Low Noise Phase Matched AmplifierLIA001_REVB Datasheet2MHz - 30MHz10dB2.5dBHigh Intercept, Phase Matched +/- 0.5Deg
LIA001X12Low Noise Phase Matched Amplifier Includes FilterLIA001X12_10_2U_REV E Datasheet2MHz - 30MHz10dB2.5dBHigh Intercept, Phase Matched +/- 1Deg
LIA002ALow Noise, High InterceptLIA002A_Rev C Datasheet20-70MHz20dB2dBIndoor use rack mountable
LIA003ALow Noise High InterceptLIA003A_Rev D Datasheet100-500MHz20dB1.0dBIndoor use rack mounted
LIA004AWideband Ultra Linear Medium PowerLIA004A_RevB Datasheet5-800MHz18dB 5dBLaboratory Test Amplifier.
MHA002Low Noise Masthead AmplifierMHA002_REVI Datasheet20MHz to 70MHz20dB2dBFilters <15MHz and >88MHz
MHA003Low Noise Masthead AmplifierMHA003_REVG Datasheet118MHz to 1300MHz20dB1.5dBVery High rejection DC - 108MHz.
MHA004Low Noise Masthead amplifierMHA004_REVB Datasheet500MHz to 2700MHz14dB1.5dBNo Filter.
MHA006Low Noise Masthead Amplifier.MHA006_REVD Datasheet100MHz - 500MHz20dB1dBGood return loss, includes lightning protection. 5V operation possible
SBT003Smart Bias TSBT003_REVF Datasheet100MHz to 1300MHzN/ALoss < 0.5dBPower injector into Coaxial Cable, with on board BITE.
SBT004Ultra Wideband Smart Bias TSBT004_REVB Datasheet10MHz to 6GHzN/ALoss Max 1.4dBFor Wide band Masthead LNA's
LPA001Wide band High PowerLPA001A REVE Datasheet20MHz to 500MHz50dB NA>100W CW