Filter arrays for group SDR Receivers (FL026 Showcase).

Stancom now supplies preselect filter arrays designed specifically for use with SDR’s. These filters provide the operators with the ability of rejecting, out of band Broadcast and any other high level unwanted signal. This Improves the Noise floor of the SDR system and prevents ‘blocking’ from high level signals outside the wanted band. The filters can be used with Stancoms wide range of multicouplers the filters are modular and mixed frequencies in a single chassis can be accommodated. These filters are high specification units which are developed to provide exceptional rejection of the unwanted frequencies whilst offering very low loss to the wanted pass-band.

Phase Matched Filter Array.

Stancom can produce high performance filter in a Phase matched Array. Specifically for CDAA type of antenna arrays.

P1020593 (Copy)

Narrow Band Band Pass Filters

Narrow band V/U and Microwave filters can be developed for bespoke receiver pre-selection. 2.5Ghz band pass filter.


Receive filter product table

Model NumberDatasheetPass-band FrequencyStop-band FrequencyAttenuation
FL001FL001 Datasheet RevA2MHz - 30MHzDC - 1.5MHz30dB
FL002FL002 Datasheetv3DC - 30MHz62MHz - 200MHz40dB
FL003FL003 Datasheetv12MHz - 30MHzDC - 1.5MHz, 62MHz - 200MHz30dB, 40dB
FL008FL008 Datasheet_rev32 - 30MHzDC - 1.5MHz50dB
FL015FL0015 Datasheet Rev. D20MHz - 80MHzDC - 15MHz, 88 - 108MHz60dB
FL016FL0016 Datasheet REV CDC - 500MHz800-1000MHz30dB
FL017FL017 Satasheet.pdf2492.5MHz +/-14.5MHz>2525MHz
> 27.9dB
FL018 (Phase matched array)FL018 Datasheet_REV D2 - 30MHzDC-1.5MHz
FL026 ArrayFL026 Datasheet_revD110-140

30dB rejection to out of band

High Power Transmitter Filters IMG_2148s

Stancom Produces specialist harmonic filters which offer high rejection to spurious emission from high power transmitters. Powers up to 1.5kW.

Transmit filter product table

Model NumberDatasheetPass-band Frequency/Power LevelStop-band FrequencyAttenuation
FL005BFL005B FilterDC - 108MHz / 1kW300 - 1000Gradient - See Datasheet
FL007FL007 Datasheet RevADC - 480MHz / 1kW920MHz - 840MHz60dB
FL013FL013 Rev D DatasheetDC - 2.2MHz / 1.5kW3.0MHz - 4.5MHz
4.5MHz - 30MHz